Uber launches application for Azerbaijan with tips for drivers


February 11, Fineko/abc.az. Uber has launched a new special application - Uber Azerbaijan.

The Company reports that the application is developed taking into account the wishes of users and market features.

"The new app is faster when the Internet is slow and allows specifying additional stops along the route. The app is already available for iPhone and Android. New users will receive a discount of up to 30% on all trips until 25 February," Uber informed.

Uber Azerbaijan uses vector maps instead of raster ones, so it works better under conditions of slow mobile Internet and takes up three times less space on the phone. In addition, the new application has features that were not in the previous version. Uber Azerbaijan is able to recommend points near the user, where you can leave faster and cheaper.

In the application, you can also leave a tip to the driver, which will automatically be written off the card at the end of the trip.

"Over time, the previous Uber app will cease to work in Azerbaijan, it will be available only abroad," Uber said in a statement.