Vusal Kerimli: Baku Transport Agency to deliver 300 buses to Baku every year


February 18, Fineko/abc.az. 2,200 buses operating in Baku carried 801 million passengers for the past year.

ABC.AZ reports that the statement was made by Baku Transport Agency’s chairman of board Vusal Kerimli at a meeting with President Ilham Aliyev.

Kerimli said that the total number of carriers decreased from 65 to 37.

According to Kerimli, there were private entrepreneurs with two buses who also wanted to work: "It’s clear that they did not act for the convenience of people, but acted for their own interests. We’ve reduced the number of buses from 65 to 37 on the basis of certain requirements. In just five years 855 buses have been upgraded. Of them, 600 were brought on your order from foreign countries. The carriers also delivered 295 modern buses based on the requirements of the Baku Transport Agency. In general, until today the bus fleet has been updated almost by 40%. In compliance with Your instructions we plan to upgrade the fleet up to 100% in the next three years and deliver 300 buses annually."