Another statement: 190 manats to be given to unemployed children along with their parents


April 9, Fineko/abc.az. A lump-sum payment to the unemployed will be provided to one of the spouses in the family, as well as their able-bodied children.

ABC.AZ reports that the relevant statement was made by the Ministry of Labor & Social Protection. The lump-sum payment (190 manats) designed for the unemployed will also be given to able-bodied, but actually unemployed children who are not receiving any social payments.

This means that if both the husband and wife are unemployed in the family, one of them will receive a social payment, and if other family members (for example, a son or daughter) are unemployed and do not receive social payments, they will also receive a lump-sum payment.

In addition, those registered as unemployed before 1 April 2020, those registered as unemployed during the special quarantine regime will also receive a lump-sum payment. There is no need in repeated applying by a person who has already applied once.