Over 118,000 applications submitted in connection with financial support


May 5, Fineko/abc.az. More than 118,100 taxpayers applied for state financial support.

ABC.AZ was informed at the State Tax Service that on 4 May 118,186 taxpayers affected by the coronavirus pandemic, including 25,633 taxpayers and 92,553 individual (micro) entrepreneurs, applied to the Ministry of Economy for financial support.

As part of the payment of part of the salary to employees, the appeals of 21,472 entrepreneurs were reviewed and approved, covering 191,306 employees, which were submitted to the Finance Ministry for transfer of relevant financing to bank accounts.

Consideration of appeals on other taxpayers is underway. So far, the amount of financial support on the approved applications has totaled AZN 86.36 million, including AZN 43.18 million within the first stage. As of 4 May the State Treasury Agency under the Finance Ministry transferred AZN 42.4 million to 20,596 taxpayers for payment of salaries to 186,883 people. As part of the program of financial support to individual (micro) entrepreneurs, 92,553 taxpayer appeals were received, 83,870 were considered, approved and submitted to the Finance Ministry for transfer of financial support to bank accounts. The amount of financial aid on the approved applications reaches AZN 51.57 million.

On 4 May the State Treasury Agency has already provided the transfer of AZN 49.2 million to the bank accounts of 78,643 individual (micro) entrepreneurs.