Another NBCO has published a report


April 22, Fineko/abc.az. Non-bank credit organization Ideal Kredit LLC (NBCO) completed 2020 with net profit of AZN 416,000 (47.5% more versus 2019), ABC.AZ reports.

Last year, Ideal Kredit’s pre-tax profit amounted to AZN 520,000 (47.7% more than the annual figure), and income tax payments AZN 104,000 (48.6% more). As of 1 January of this year Ideal Kredit’s assets totaled AZN 4.646 million (1.2% more than the annual figure). Of them, AZN 3.709 million are net loans given to customers. NBCO's loan portfolio decreased by 9.6% in 2020.

For the reporting period Ideal Kredit's liabilities decreased by 11.3% to AZN 2.86 million, while its balance sheet capital increased by 30.4% up to AZN 1.785 million.