Inam Kerimov: A sowing plan developed for Smart Village Project


October 21, Fineko/abc.az. A sowing plan has been prepared for the Smart Village Project.

An assessment of the land plots provided for in the plan has been carried out and preparations for sowing have begun.

Agriculture Minister Inam Kerimov stated about this in his report to President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva.

According to the minister, appropriate mine clearance works were carried out on 412 hectares of 600 hectares defined by the sowing plan.

In order to create appropriate conditions for the restoration and development of agricultural activities in the "smart village", it is planned to build a public farm within the framework of the project.

It will be possible to keep 250 heads of large and 600 heads of small cattle on the farm.

An intelligent control system from the data processing and analysis center will be implemented here.