IBA's assets exceed AZN 9 bn


October 26, Fineko/abc.az. Compared with the end of 2020, for the past months of this year the total assets of the International Bank of Azerbaijan increased by AZN 469.104 million or by 5.2%, reaching AZN 9.43 bn.

The total amount of loans given to clients, which are one of the main items of assets, increased by AZN 164.7 million or 6.3% up to AZN 2.77 bn and investments in securities by AZN 53.75 million or 4.2% up to AZN 1.32 bn.

Also, noteworthy is the sharp increase in deposits in the IBA. So, for Jan-Sept 2021 IBA’s total deposits grew by AZN 1.204 bn or by 21.7% up to AZN 6.75 bn.

Including deposits of individuals decreased by AZN 50.605 million to AZN 1.239 bn and deposits of legal entities increased by AZN 1.25 bn up to AZN 5.514 bn.