ABA official: Investments in cybersecurity companies increased


November 29, Fineko/abc.az. Conference "Cybersecurity Day" has been held in Baku. 

ABC.AZ reports that delivering speech at the conference, Yunus Abdulov, the executive director of the Association of Banks of Azerbaijan (ABA), spoke about investments in cybersecurity companies in recent years. 

He noted that compared with previous years, there is an increase in the volume of investments in these companies. 
According to Abdulov, in the coming years the further expansion of the areas in which cybersecurity appears is expected: "This makes further growth of expenses in this area inevitable. It is known that banks, credit institutions and other institutions providing financial services use confidential data, which makes these areas attractive to cybercriminals. So, in the banking sector, where security is important, cybercrime comes to the fore. Security has always been important for banks, but the recent wave of cyber attacks makes it necessary to pay more attention to security than ever before."