“Memoirs of the Republic” published on the eve of the Independence Day


May 27, Fineko/abc.az. On the occasion of May 28 - Independence Day Nar published “Memoirs of the Republic” compiled by Azerbaijani researcher and author Dilgam Ahmad. The book is a collection of writings of public and political figures of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan.

Memories of the Republic contains articles by Azerbaijani and Turkish public and political figures on the structure, army and fall of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. Besides, the readers can find speeches, biographies and photographs of prominent figures of our history in the book. Taking into account the importance of the topics covered, ADA University organized a discussion with the participation of Dilgam Ahmad.

In view of the interest in the book, Nar announced a contest on the social media. Thus, Nar will present the book "Memories of the Republic" to social network users who answer questions about this glorious page in the history of Azerbaijan. 

In order to make the book more accessible to the people with visual disability, the audiobook version of "Memories of the Republic" will also be available on "Canlı Kitab" YouTube channel starting from May 28.

Nar congratulates every Azerbaijani living all over the world on the occasion of the Independence Day and wishes eternity of our independence.

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