Production of some farm products has decreased in Ganja – List


July 5, Fineko/ Information on the state of agriculture in Ganja for Jan-May 2022 has been published.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the Ganja Statistics Department that 61.2 hectares of agricultural crops were sown for the harvest of 2022, of which 29 hectares were cereals and legumes, 32.2 hectares were vegetable crops.

Compared with the previous year, the sown area of agricultural crops remained unchanged. For the harvest of 2022, farms owned 61.2 hectares of acreage. 95 tons of fruits and berries were harvested from fruit orchards and berry fields.

In Ganja, the livestock industry produced 27.2 tons of live meat, 169.3 tons of milk, 179,000 eggs, 2.8 tons of wool. Compared with the 2021 same term, milk production decreased by 89.3 tons (34.5%), meat by 6 tons (24%), eggs by 117,000 pieces (39.5%), and wool production increased by 0.8 tons (40%).