Nar continues to expand its 4G network


November 22, Fineko/  Nar, the youngest mobile operator in the country continues expanding its high quality 4G network on the whole country’s territory. Currently, Nar has one of the largest 4G networks in the country. As a result of implemented network works, central parts of more than 40 regions are covered with 4G network of Nar.

During this year the operator launched almost 685 4G stations, and more than 150 stations equipped with 3G technology. As a result of optimization works, currently the number of 4G base stations in the country exceeds more than 1620. The number of 3G base stations equals is more than 2670. By means of a rapid increase of the number of 4G and 3G base stations, Nar provides even the most remote villages of Azerbaijan with mobile communication services. As a result of implemented network works, the number of 4G users in regions increased and reached 30%. With a large network of more than 7300 base stations, covering 97% of the country’s territory (except for occupied territories), Nar provides more than 2.1 million subscribers with the high quality services. 

Together with 4G quality, advantageous prices create conditions for the subscribers to use mobile internet even more intensively. As a result of high quality mobile internet service, provided by 4G base stations of Nar, the volume of 4G internet traffic grown 3 times when compared to the same period of the last year.

Detailed information about the mobile operator’s network can be found at website.

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