State Budget transfers relating to national services increase - A new document

11:25 - 31.05.2023

May 31, Fineko/ Azerbaijan State Budget transfers for 2023 in connection with national services will increase by AZN 316.25 million or by 8.3% from AZN 3.808 bn to AZN 4.124 bn.

ABC.AZ reports that this is reflected in the draft amendments to the Law on State Budget 2023.

According to the document, expenses relating to activity of legislative and executive authorities and local self-government will be increased by AZN 29.538 million or 1.9% from AZN 1.568 bn up to AZN 1.598 bn; expenses on international relations by AZN 26 million or 5.5% from AZN 472.4 million up to AZN 498.4 million; expenditures relating to foreign aid by AZN 100 million or 8.4-fold from AZN 13.5 million up to AZN 113.5 million; expenditures on science decreased by AZN 3.169 million or 1.4% from AZN 228.47 million to AZN 225.304 million; expenses for elections and statistical events increased by AZN 16.199 million or 53.1% from AZN 30.5 million to AZN 46.7 million; inter-budget transfers by AZN 29.8 million, or 6.1% from AZN 489.48 million up to AZN 459.65 million; expenses related to public debt increased by AZN 177.516 million or by 17.7% from AZN 1.5 bn to AZN 1.18 bn.