The Professional Boxing Federation of Azerbaijan plans to hold various events for the development of professional boxing in the country


June 20, Fineko/abc.az.  Recently, the Professional Boxing Federation of Azerbaijan has held Election Conference. The agenda included topics such as future activities of the federation, development strategy, organizational works, etc.

As result of the Election Conference A.Hasanov, who had long-standing experience in boxing field, was elected as the president of the federation. A.Hasanov has a long list of achievements as a president of the sports club Baku Fight Lab, in the course of 10 years.

Professional Boxing Federation have an extensive plan for the development of this field. The federation is looking forward to partnerships with international boxing organizations (WBA, WBC, IBF, etc.), foreign boxing federations and FIGHTFAX and BOXREC which keep records of boxing results. Professional Boxing Federation considers cooperation with Boxing Federation and selection of promising boxers among the amateur ones,” the PBFA president A.Hasanov said.

The responsibilities of the federation, among others, include permissions to boxers, coaches and promoter companies. Newly-founded PBFA will organize special exams for coaches, doctors, cutmen and other boxing-related persons, also control the compliance of the fights, organized by the promoter companies, with rules.

Further on, A.Hasanov talked about the importance of cooperation with promoter companies: “The federation will cooperate with the promoter companies for organizing high-level events. This includes organization of international show/gala tournaments and their coverage on media through the promoter companies. The cooperation will play an important role in improving careers of local boxers, their promotion and eventual success as a world-renown boxing celebrities.”

About the president of the Professional Boxing Federation of Azerbaijan:A.Hasanov has more than 10 years of experience in boxing field. A.Hasanov, who himself was an amateur boxer for many years, has been the president of the boxing club Baku Fight Lab almost 10 years. Previously known as ‘Rabita’ Boxing Club, Baku Fight Lab is the club which bore World, European and Olympic champions who raised the flag of Azerbaijan in various countries throughout the globe. Alongside with his rich experience in sports, as a foreign alumni A.Hasanov has significant success in the business field, particularly, in development and management of business projects.


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