Registration on e-invoices grew by 7%


August 7, Fineko/abc.az. The registration on e-invoices increased by 7% up to 61.3% in the total turnover of the nonoil sector for the first 6 months of 2019, says the Ministry of Taxes in its report for their term.

The turnover in the trade sector increased by 22%, including by 35% in retail trade and by 26% in the catering sector. The share of trade turnover with e-invoices in wholesale trade and production increased from 65% to 78% of the total turnover. In wholesale trade the share of trade turnover on e-invoices grew from 65% up to 82% in the total turnover.

For Jan-Jun of this year (compared with the 2018 same term) the growth rate of turnover of e-invoices made up 20.6%, in the nonoil sector 43.4%, in retail trade 50.2%, wholesale trade 41.8%, communications 23.7%, nonoil production 30%, agriculture 91.4%, and the service sector 20.8%.