Ilham Aliyev: When I became president, I transferred my business to my family


October 13, Fineko/abc.az. I am a president for 18 years. Before that, I was a businessman. My biography is known - a successful businessman. When I became a president, I was not a poor man. When I became a president, I stopped being directly involved in the business, and transferred my business to my family.

ABC.AZ reports that President Ilham Aliyev made the above-said statement, when speaking to journalists of Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

“You will probably understand me, unlike some other people in the West who dedicate all their fortune to their cats and dogs, in Italy and Azerbaijan we value family values. Therefore, I transferred all my business to my children. They made efforts and continue their business. They have investments mainly in Azerbaijan. They have investments outside of Azerbaijan. All their business activity is transparent, internationally audited and there is nothing that anybody can claim wrong,” the president said.