Physical import of cars in Azerbaijan grew 2.45-fold year-on-year


April 13, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijan imported 3,506 motor vehicles over Jan-Mar of the year.

The State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan informs that import of vehicles increased by 2.45 times against the same term of last year.

For the past 3 months it was imported 3,158 motor-cars, 316 trucks, 19 buses and 13 units of special transport in the country. For comparison, in 2017 it was imported 1,431 vehicles, including 1,185 motor-cars.

In 2017 the country imported 13,098 motor vehicles. At the same time, 11,610 motor-cars, 1,227 trucks, 187 buses and 74 units of special transport were imported.

The record number, 104,385 vehicles, including 94,879 motor-cars, 7,823 trucks, 827 buses and 856 vehicles for special purpose were imported in the country in 2013.