Total value of SOFAZ investment portfolio was announced – AZN 71.2 bn


December 30, Fineko/abc.az. In 2020 the State Oil Fund will pursue investment policy that allows getting the maximum income, provided that the risk of loss of fixed capital is reduced.

ABC.AZ reports that this was covered by State Budget 2020, approved by the country’s president.

According to the presidential decree, the projected total value (average volume) of SOFAZ investment portfolio for 2020 is equal to AZN 71.2 bn.

65% of the investment portfolio will be formed from the Fund's assets in US dollars. Provided that the minimum 90% of the total value of the investment portfolio is in assets denominated in the currencies of countries with a credit rating not lower than ‘A’ (Standard&Poor's, Fitch) or ‘A2’ (Moody's) given by international credit agencies, 65% of the total value of the Fund's investment portfolio is expressed in US dollars; 20% in assets denominated in euro; 5% in assets denominated in pounds sterling; the remaining 10% in other currencies.

By Elmir Murad