Socar bonds sold for $1.65 million


February 28, Fineko/ Socar bond deals for $1.65 million were conducted from 19 to 23 February in the securities market of Azerbaijan.

Market-maker PSG Kapital sold 1,644 bonds of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (Socar) at an average price of $1005.5 per bond.

In 2018 deals for Socar bonds were carried out in the amount of $11.9 million.

The volume of transactions on SOCAR bonds since the start of their circulation since October 2016 totaled $134.6 million.

The nominal bond value is $1,000 and the annual interest rate is 5%. The market-maker on domestic currency bonds of SOCAR is investment company PSG Kapital.

Bonds are sold under Socar repurchase guarantee and could be cashed at any time.



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