Nar continues to grow IT professionals


December 1, Fineko/    Nar, in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and New Technologies of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, conducted a training on "Fundamentals of Mobile Communications" outside the capital for the first time. Training was attended by the students of Nakhchivan State University, studying in different specialties of IT field.

Those who attend the training may learn about the mobile network operation based on the real experience of Nar’s technical staff and ask various questions directly to the experts in the field. With the aim to contribute to the development of local telecommunication staff, the trainings are held on an ongoing basis as a part of Nar's corporate responsibility strategy to support education. To date,  more than 200 students have participated in the training.

Remarkably, Nar, which draws special attention to the implementation of social projects in the regions, recently gave a start to a joint scholarship program with NSU to support students from the families of martyrs. For more information about Nar's other social projects and CSR strategy, please visit

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