Nar presented the all-new Full packages


Nar presented the all-new “Full” packages. Those subscribers, who join one of the new packages, being “Full 9”, “Full 14” and “Full 19”, will be able to benefit from this advantageous offer and enjoy lots of communication time.

The main distinctive quality of these packages, which include calling minutes and plenty of internet traffic, is that the gained bonuses are transferred to the next month if remained unused. Thus, Nar, based on the feedback of its customers, provided them with a great opportunity to use the remaining bonuses on the next month, by means of the “Full” packages.

Upon joining the “Full 9” package, the customers will get 300 countrywide minutes and 1.5 Gb of internet traffic, while the “Full 14” and “Full 19” packages offer 450 countrywide minutes + 2 Gb of internet and 600 countrywide minutes + 2.5 Gb of traffic respectively. Depending on the size of selected package, an amount of 9, 14 or 19 AZN will be deducted from the subscriber’s balance. Bonuses unused by the subscribers of constantly renewed packages will be carried to the next month.


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