Nonoil export of Azerbaijan increased by 23% since early 2017


November 20, Fineko/abc.az. The nonoil export of Azerbaijan reached $1.219 bn over Jan-Oct of the year.

The Center of Analysis of Economic Reform & Communication reports that 1,723 entities participated in the export operations.

"Compared to the 2016 same term, the nonoil export increased by 23%, and Russia has become the leader in the list of countries importing from Azerbaijan," the Center said.

According to the State Customs Committee, Azerbaijan exported to Russia goods worth $424 million. Then follow Turkey $243 million, Switzerland $115 million, Georgia $108 million and Turkmenistan $48 million. For the 10 months, most of the nonoil exports accounted for tomatoes - $131.5 million, gold $98.5 million, and hazelnuts $88.6 million.

"For Jan-Oct of the year 475 entities carried out export for $149.6 million," it was reported.



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