Nakhchivan – leader of the investment rating


Caspian Energy International Media Group has compiled the annual investment rating of the economic regions of Azerbaijan, which shows the results of the economic reforms and social policy of the regions implemented in the country under the leadership of Chairman of the Caspian European Club, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, First Deputy Chairman of the Caspian European Club Telman Aliyev said. According to Telman Aliyev, the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic topped the investment rating of the regions of Azerbaijan, since it got the highest overall score. This rating will be published in the final issue of Caspian Energy journal.

“Comparing the results of economic development of the regions of the country for 3 quarters of 2017 with those of the last year, perhaps the main distinctive feature was the uneven socio-economic development of the country’s regions, which is indicated by the main figures of the rating”, Telman Aliyev said.

He stressed that in interviews with Caspian Energy journal the Ambassadors of foreign countries accredited in the Republic of Azerbaijan highlighted the economic development of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and expressed their admiration for the attention paid by the leadership of Nakhchivan to alternative and renewable energy sources, as well as to the promotion of innovative technologies and the development of tourism.

The Ambassadors were impressed by the variety and good quality of goods produced in Nakhchivan, as well as by the efforts made by the authorities of the Autonomous Republic to develop the local economy and diversify the list of regional products. They expressed confidence that this process of the continuous growth in the range of industrial products is also taking place in other regions of Azerbaijan.

“For several years we have been involved in compiling this rating for the Chairman of the Caspian European Club, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. Since last year we have published the investment rating in the final issue of Caspian Energy journal”, Telman Aliyev added.

Since it is impossible to provide statistics on the regions fully occupied by Armenia, no comparison has been made for them. The fact of the occupation is indicated separately, which will enable once again to bring this vital issue to the numerous readers of the journal globally.

The regions are ranked by 18 parameters divided into 6 groups: social-demographic profile, social-economic status, business climate, infrastructure, feel-good factor and agriculture.

“This issue of Caspian Energy journal will be presented to heads of state and government of 70 countries of the world, as well as heads of public and transnational companies, international financial institutions and leading  analytical centers, investment companies and rating agencies”, Telman Aliyev noted.

He added that alongside with the investment rating of 2017, published in this journal will be also articles and interviews of heads of businesses operating actively in these regions.

“We thank all companies which supported this initiative and agreed to place an advertisement of their enterprises, as well as articles and interviews narrating about their activity, on the pages of the journal right next to the economic regions of Azerbaijan which they are operating in. We are open to cooperation with new companies which also would like to be represented on the pages of this issue”, Telman Aliyev emphasized.

He noted that each article and interview published in this issue can serve as additional impulses to attract long-term investments into the development of the Azerbaijan regions, and help to search potential partners, as well as consumers of goods and services produced in Azerbaijan.

“I also would like to remind that in the beginning of the next year we will also publish a broad investment rating about all cities and districts of Azerbaijan at”, he said.

“All who wished to acquire this issue shall apply to the editorial office of the Caspian Energy at [email protected]”, Telman Aliyev added.

Caspian Energy is being spread in 70 countries of the world. For 18 years the journal has been publishing interviews of Presidents and Prime Ministers of different countries, as well as interviews of heads of well-known international organizations, large transnational companies, reviews and analytical materials of leading experts. According to different estimates, Caspian Energy is ranked among top 5 leading journals of the Caspian-Black Sea and Baltic regions, and serves as a benchmark for many investors when considering a line of activity in the Caspian-Black Sea and Baltic regions.


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