Amount of contributions to mandatory health insurance of persons working in more than one place


February 12, Fineko/abc.az. The amount of payment for compulsory health insurance for persons employed in more than one workplace in Azerbaijan has been published.

ABC.AZ reports that Nasimi Nuriyev, coordinator of the Budget Planning & Reporting Department of the Compulsory Health Insurance Agency, said in connection with this issue that according to the Law on Health Insurance", a citizen will pay insurance premiums from his income.

According to Nuriyev, if the income is received in several job places, then payment must be carried out in accordance with them.

"In other words, those who work in two job places must pay for mandatory health insurance in accord with the income received from both jobs," he said.

These amounts are reflected in the Law on Health Insurance. Employers and employees working in the state and oil sectors will be charged for compulsory medical insurance in the amount of 2% of the monthly accrued part of the wage fund up to 8,000 manats and 0.5% - over 8,000 manats.