Finance Ministry audited 13 budget-financed organizations and found out serious shortcomings


February 18, Fineko/abc.az. The State Financial Control Service of the Ministry of Finance carried out inspection on the expenditure of funds allocated from the State Budget to 13 state-financed organizations and one joint-stock company for its intended purpose, audited the financial and economic activities of four state-financed organizations, and monitored the expenditure of funds allocated to budget organizations operating in several cities and districts.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the MoF that during the audit it was ensure recovery of AZN 14.3 million from outstanding debts on the liabilities of a range of supplier companies and leasing agreements to the account of leasing company Agroleasing and AZN 52,400 to the State Budget. Besides, measures were taken on obligations to return of AZN 7.5 million of state funds on agricultural services rendered to some companies by September 2020.

Taking into account the seriousness of some shortcomings revealed during inspections conducted by the State Financial Control Service, the materials of inspections on five state-financed organizations on unnecessary and unjustified payments in the amount exceeding AZN 1.676 million, as well as materials about companies that did not hand over goods for funds in the total amount of AZN 11.259 million transferred in previous years for the purchase of technological equipment and breeding animals for Agroleasing, about companies that did not hand over goods or did not return funds, for submission of legal assessment to the authorities, were sent to the relevant law enforcement agencies for giving a legal assessment.