Bakcell introduces 4G service in Baku subway the first time in Azerbaijan


Bakcell - the First Mobile Operator and Leading Mobile Operator of Azerbaijan, is pleased to introduce its super-fast 4G (LTE) mobile internet service at all the metro stations of Baku.

The launch of 4G in metro has been long awaited by passengers who don't want to stop watching movies, uploading selfies and files or performing other data-intensive tasks while using the metro services. Thus, Bakcell LTE network is now available at 21 stations of Baku subway (except the currently refurbished Sahil station). State of the art “LTE Advanced” Technology, applied by Bakcell provides the users with speed reaching as high as 225 Mbps. Note, that currently, the service is available on metro platforms and may not be available in tunnels.

“We are very proud to introduce our high-quality 4G LTE services to Bakcell customers who use the metro. Our customers are now able to continue enjoying our ultra-fast mobile internet network even on the platforms while waiting on the train. This is a great achievement and we are confident that our efforts will be appreciated by users, who want to be mobile at all times and have access to high-speed broadband internet everywhere and every time”, says Bakcell CEO Nikolai Beckers.

Bakcell’s 4G services enable the customers to enjoy the state-of-art LTE network of Bakcell, while downloading and uploading large files almost instantly, streaming music without buffering, and even playing online games, thanks to the low latency.

Bakcell will continue surprising its customers with even more innovations, latest technologies and modern, convenient and reliable services.


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