Azerbaijan has stable macroeconomic and financial stability - Response to Armenian provocation


October 26, Fineko/abc.az. The enemy has spread false information of a provocative nature on behalf of the Association of Banks of Azerbaijan about the alleged suspension of the Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund's activities in connection with Armenia's aggression against our country.

ABC.AZ reports that the Central Bank, the Association of Banks of Azerbaijan, and the ADIF itself have decisively denied this and again asked the country’s population, the bank clients not to give a value to it and consider that this is another provocation of the helpless enemy.

"The country has stable macroeconomic and financial stability, all banking and financial institutions are functioning normally, and the banking and financial infrastructure provides stable services to the population. Such unsuccessful provocations that the enemy tries to commit in cyberspace are successfully overcome by our structures and specialists responsible for cybersecurity. The Ministry of Transport, Communications & High Technologies asks citizens not to respond to messages and calls from strangers and recommends checking the accuracy of data from official sources," the joint statement says.