Azerbaijani leader: We will restore our territories


January 13, Fineko/abc.az. President Ilham Aliyev spoke about the destroyed mosques in the liberated territories during the reception of ICESCO director general Salim bin Mohammed Al-Malik.

ABC.AZ reports that the head of state noted that the attempt of the Armenians to repair one of the destroyed mosques was simply a desire to demonstrate that they are allegedly tolerant, allegedly respect the Muslim culture and the feelings of Muslims.

"If the attitude of the Armenians was really tolerant, why did they destroy other mosques and why did they not repair those mosques? Didn't that foreign company that came to Shusha see the destruction of other mosques, the destruction of all religious and cultural heritage? They even behaved worse than the separatists who destroyed it. But we’ll restore everything.

We’ll restore everything to its original state, restore our territory. I’m sure that the next time you visit us, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Shusha, which I’ve declared the capital of Azerbaijani culture," President Aliyev underlined.