Volume of goods exported through one stop shop system unveiled - Report


December 18, Fineko/abc.az. Export for $290.5 million was carried out through one stop shop system.

ABC.AZ reports that the data is covered in a special issue of journal Reform Review of the Center for Economic Reform Analysis & Communications.

This time the journal issue is dedicated to the one stop shop system of the Export Support Center. According to the Reform Review, both public and private structures exported through the Center the products of construction industry, agriculture, confectionery, shoe racks, valuable ingots, glucose and starch, toothpaste, moisturizer, wine, samovars, religious literature, including Dagestan tur (considered it is a rare animal), crocodile watches, bags, meat and caviar of sturgeon.

Among the companies cooperating with the Center are AzerGold, Baku Steel Company, AZNAR n.a. T.Akhmedova, ATENA, Azertutun, Food Export Shamkir, and among the products prevailed rolled steel fittings, steel pipes, fruit juices, pomegranate, cheese. Certified products were exported mainly to Switzerland, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Mexico, Hungary, Finland, Canada, USA, Belarus, Vietnam, and Netherlands.

Switzerland ($71.3 million), Russia ($46.8 million), Georgia ($36.6 million), Turkey ($16.9 million), Ukraine ($1 million) distinguished themselves among the exported countries.