Over AZN 60 million returned to population in Azerbaijan as part of VAT refund


April 19, Fineko/abc.az. From last May to the present day on a special portal, which includes an information system (edvgerial.az), more than 1,340 million users are registered in the system, which registers consumer requests for VAT refunds paid for purchased goods.

ABC.AZ was informed at the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy that from the beginning of the project on VAT refund to the end of the 1st quarter of 2021, the users registered on the portal were returned 60,192,462 manats on 147,111,792 checks. During the 1st quarter of 2021 there was dynamic growth in the number of customers adding checks.

So, if in January 779,018 registered consumers on the portal added checks to the system, in March this figure reached 1,026,757 people, which indicates a rapid increase in interest to the VAT refund project.

In general, for the 1st quarter of this year 26,770,074 manats were returned to consumers on 67,101,388 cash receipts.