Germany’s exports to Russia declined more than by 63%


May 20, Fineko/ As part of the sanctions imposed because of the situation in Ukraine, Germany’s exports to Russia fell by 900 million euro this April.

ABC.AZ informs that German exports to Russia under the sanctions imposed due to the situation in Ukraine decreased by 63.1% last month.

"This April, the Russian Federation ranked only 14th among the most important areas of German exports outside the EU," it is reported.

At that, it is indicated that back in February, Russia was in 5th position.

As a whole, Germany's exports to non-EU countries (so-called third countries) for April, taking into account calendar and seasonal adjustments, increased by 4.1% against March up to 56.2 bn euro.

Last month, the U.S. became Germany's most important trading partner. Germany exported goods for 12 bn euro to the U.S. Germany ranked the 2nd in exports after China (8.3 bn euro) and the UK (5.4 bn euro).