Distinctive customer service from Nar in social networks


September 10, Fineko/abc.az. Nar is one of the largest local telecommunication companies in terms of providing customer services to subscribers by means of social media.

Thus, by using the social networks the subscribers can benefit from a variety of services, such as tariff change, internet package renewal, subscription to new services or deactivation of services, operation with numbers, detailed information about incoming calls and messages, settings for telephone, router or other devices, resolution of technical problems, discount campaigns, participation in contests etc.

25% of requests are responded within the first minute, whereas 83% of the remaining requests are responded within the first 10 minute period. Nar customers are sending their questions via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and at the same time email and online chat, and getting a response within a short period of time. 81% of the requests are being submitted to the Facebook page of Nar.

Usually, subscribers are addressing the call center in case they have any questions. However, Nar subscribers, as an alternative, are able to receive high quality services at the mobile operator’s social media pages. Questions asked by the users are being responded by the mobile operator’s social media team within a short period of time. The subscribers can save their time and get a detailed response about the Nar's products and services at any time and from everywhere. All the need to do for this is to address the online customer service.

Customer in roaming can also use this unique opportunity provided by Nar. The mobile operator continues to respond to subscribers’ requests operatively.