Fizuli Musayev: I became the one I dreamt to be in my childhood


May 17, Fineko/abc.az.  Fizuli Musayev, a two-time world champion in karate, a holder of the 7th level black belt, First Vice President of Azerbaijan Taekwondo Federation, member of the Executive Committee of Azerbaijan Karate Federation and Head of the Sports-Health Club of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, has given a video-interview to TELLMANN SHOW.

Colonel Fizuli Musayev spoke about his childhood dream which came true, enthusiasm for music at the wish of his parents, eagerness to work for police bodies, service in the Russian secret troops, achievements in the field of sports, etc.

Fizuli Musayev also spoke about his famous trainee, a five time champion of the world, a 13 time champion of Europe Rafayel Agayev. “For the first time, an 8 year old Rafayel was brought to my trainings from Sumgayit by his first trainer … I have seen his potential right away, I saw a future champion in him”.  The colonel said that due to the necessity of daily trainings and remoteness of Sumgayit from Baku, he took Rafayel to his place and brought up the future “most popular world karate master” together with his son.

Fizuli Musayev also bared some secret details of the attempt at him in 1992 when he was a criminal investigation agent. 

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