New device campaign from Azercell


July 8, Fineko/abc.az. Aiming to make high-speed internet accessible for everyone, Azercell is pleased to introduce a new campaign for its customers. Thus, subscribers obtaining one of the 3G USB, 3G MiFi or 4G MiFi devices will benefit from advantageous internet packages, provided as a gift. It should be noted, that 100% of the paid amount will be fully refunded to the balance of the number provided with the device. Since the devices are sold on cash, no monthly subscription fee or the penalty will be applied further.

Within the confines of the campaign, customers, who pay 149 AZN and obtain 4G MiFi will enjoy from monthly unlimited internet package presented as a gift during 5 months. Those, who get 3G MiFi for 99 AZN will use 30 GB internet package provided monthly, for free, for the period of 5 months. And those who pay 24 AZN and purchase 3G USB will be awarded with monthly free 10 GB internet package during 3 months. 

In order to join the campaign, customers may visit Customer Care Offices, Azercell Exclusive Shops and Dealer Offices and choose one of the existing offers.

For detailed information, please head to: https://www.azercell.com/en/personal/devices/broadband_device/


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