Shah Deniz field produced 8.4 bn cu m of natural gas this year


August 2, Fineko/abc.az. BP Azerbaijan has reported that 8.4 bn standard cu m of gas and about 2 million tons (14.4 million barrels) of condensate were extracted from Shah Deniz - from platforms Shah Deniz Alpha and Shah Deniz Bravo for Jan-Jun 2019.

The maximum capacity of the existing Shah Deniz platforms is 56 million standard cu m a day or about 20 bn cu m a year.

Since the extraction of the first gas from platform Shah Deniz Bravo at the end of July last year, production has continued growing gradually.

For the past 6 months of 2019 the gas supplies from field Shah Deniz to the markets of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), Georgia (GOGC) and Turkey (Botash) and BTC for numerous facilities continued.

This year, $376 million of operating and more than $555 million of capital expenditures were spent on Shah Deniz activities. Most of capital expenditures was related with Shah Deniz 2 project.