Nar customers enjoy free phone calls during the weekends


Within the frames of its “Weekend full of bonuses” campaign, Nar provides the customers with an opportunity to talk to each other for free on Saturdays and Sundays. No payment is required to join this campaign as well, since all you need to join is to dial *777#88#YES code.  Thus, all Nar customers who spend at least 2 AZN on phone calls to any directions during the week, will take advantage of this opportunity offered within the “Weekend full of bonuses” campaign. The campaign continues throughout the two weeks and will end on 24th of December.

Any subscriber who joins this campaign will be able to easily find out how much did he/she spend on calls during the week by dialing the *777#87#YES code. In accordance with the fair usage policy, a total of 500 minutes (more than 8 hours) of free calls can be used during the weekend within the “Weekend full of bonuses” campaign. It should be also noted that the customers will benefit from the “HD voice” technology, provided that the used handset supports the 3G standard. The “HD voice” technology, which was introduced in the Nar network recently, ensures elimination of background noise and clear transmission of sound during mobile calls.


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