SOCAR AQS finished construction of another well at West Absheron


October 2, Fineko/abc.az. SOCAR AQS has successfully completed the construction of well #18 from stationary offshore platform #10 at field West Absheron without damage to the environment. The actual depth of the well is 739 m. 

The customer of the well is SOCAR’s sub-company Azneft. It is planned to construct the following wells of SOCAR AQS quickly and economically, without any complications, for delivery to the customer in accord with the Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines (EHS).

SOCAR AQS was founded in 2007 by SOCAR and Absheron as a joint venture providing all-kind of drilling and well services. SOCAR AQS is currently conducting drilling operations at offshore fixed platforms #7 and #11 in shallow water field Gunashli, #10 on field West Absheron and #6 on field Bulla. The sub-company's shareholders are SOCAR, Nobel Oil Services and Absheron Qazma LLC.

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