List of exported goods of nonoil sector - Cotton is in 1st place


April 2, Fineko/abc.az. In the list of nonoil sector goods exported for Jan-Feb 2020 the 1st place belongs to cotton ($29.2 million), the 2nd to gold (not used for coinage, in other, unprocessed types - $27.3 million) and tomatoes ($24.7 million).

ABC.AZ reports this with reference to the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms & Communications.

In general, the export of fruits and vegetables for Jan-Feb 2020 amounted to $75.6 million, plastic products $29.9 million, aluminium and articles thereof $15.5 million, raw cotton $30.4 million, chemical industry $13.9 million, electricity $17.8 million, ferrous metals and products from them $8.3 million, exports of cotton yarn $6.3 million, sugar $2.1 million, alcoholic and soft drinks $2.9 million.