Expert: Difficult trials await 3 more insurers


July 9, Fineko/ A meeting on the matter of withdrawal of Ravan Sığorta from the domestic insurance market will be held in August.

Commenting on the occasion, insurance expert Khayal Mammadkhanli told ABC.AZ that this was expected.

He justified this idea in the following way: "Almost all of the company's capital was at NBC Bank, the parent company. The only way out may be that the founder will contribute additional capital or invite a third-party participant. However, as most of his business comes from companies within the group, this is a risky investment for a third-party investor, and I even think that the founder will not make additional investments under such conditions."

Mammadkhanli also reacted to the current state of the insurance market. He said that heavy trials are awaiting two more companies in the coming time.

"The next companies that will pass very difficult tests in the insurance market are most likely Ata Sigorta, Amrah Sigorta and Gunay Sigorta," he empha