This road to be reconstructed to facilitate passage of 5,000 people


July 13, Fineko/abc.az. In Samukh district, work is underway on the reconstruction of motor roads of local importance with the length of 39.5 km.

According to the data provided to ABC.AZ by the State Motor Road Agency of Azerbaijan, this is the Yenikend-Poylu highway with length of 28.1 km and access roads of the villages of Kesamen, Karabagli and Salakhli.

The road length is 4.6 km, Garabagli - 2.8 km, Salakhli - 4 km. The reconstruction of roads covering populated localities near the state border with Georgia will facilitate the movement of 5,000 people. In general, this project will have positive impact on the social well-being of every citizen living along the road, create a basis for car safety, and promote to the development of agriculture.