Finance Ministry held an auction on state medium-term bonds


January 31, Fineko/ The Ministry of Finance carried out the sale of state medium-term bonds yesterday.

The Baku Stock Exchange informs that on 30 January the Central Bank placed the bonds issue with ISIN-code AZ0106001693 and volume of AZN 15 million at face value and circulation period of 1,092 days and interest rate of 12%.

The nine investors submitted the 15 orders for AZN 44.8 million. The orders were submitted at price of AZN 82.5789 per bond (claim for annual yield: 20.00%) up to AZN 100.2955 (11.88%).

Under the Finance Ministry’s decision, the cut-off price was set at the level of AZN 93.1834 (yield: 14.90%) and weighted average price AZN 97.0084 (13.2406%). As a result, the notes were sold for AZN 15 million.



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