Azercell presents first in the country innovative solution Virtual ATS


Azercell Telecom, the leading mobile operator of telecoms market, has launched next unique innovative service for 4,5 million subscribers – Virtual ATS. The service presentation ceremony took place on February, 15 at Boulevard Hotel with the participation of Azercell management and over 200 corporate clients of the company. The demo version of the new solution was presented to the participants, followed by discussions where all questions regarding the service were answered. It was noted that Virtual ATS, introduced for the first time in the country, is the solution enabling companies to benefit from the new level of communication. With this solution, companies will be able to develop ATS for smartphones, set up customer service centers and establish multichannel “hotline” during a promotional campaign. In addition, Virtual ATS provides businesses exclusive opportunities, such as individual telesecretary, conference call, call management and further 10 functions. As businesses are currently focused on cost optimization, this solution will help them increase efficiency without additional capital expenses.

In fact, Virtual ATS allows you to connect all available mobile and stationary phones to a single network. This service provides users with a common multichannel number to receive and distribute the incoming calls. The new service makes communication with existing and potential customers easier and increases the effectiveness of communication between offices and divisions of a company. In short, Virtual ATS is an invaluable asset when you expand your business or move to a new office. This service might also be necessary in case you have a difficulty in connecting to a usual station or when you have to incur additional cost. Virtual ATS has the following advantages:

  • No need to purchase Mini ATS and additional equipment
  • Company number will be identical for all offices and branches

In order to obtain more information about the service and connect to it, please send a letter of interest to [email protected] or call our 24/7 Corporate Customer Service at 6050.


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