Azerbaijan wants to organize rail link Baku-Nakhchivan through Iran or Turkey


Azerbaijani Railways (ADY) is considering the possibility of organizing the movement of Baku-Nakhchivan trains.

ADY chairman Javid Gurbanov has stated that railway communication could be organized through Turkey or Iran.

"The railroad can be built across the line that runs through Turkish Kars and for this the government of Turkey should invest $2-$2.5 billion, but it is unknown when this happens. On the other hand, the $1 bn worth North-South project is being realized on the territory of Iran. The Iranian side undertook obligations for acquisition of a land plot and after completion of construction works, it will be possible to lay the railroad with length of 1,450 km through Iran to Nakhchivan," Gurbanov said.

He pointed out that his country’s president is interested in this project.



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