The most popular Bakcell tariff“Ela” becomes UNLIMITED


Unlimited calls are now available not only on hourly, but on dailyand monthly basis

Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator and Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, has extended the customers’ favorite ElaCIN tariff.Thus, the“Daily Ela”and “Monthly Ela” plans, will allow the subscribers to enjoy unlimited phone conversations with any Bakcell customer.

The mostpopular“ElaCIN” tariff, which the majority of Bakcell subscribers used to choose,now becomes “Hourly Ela”. With this tariff plan, the subscribersare able to continuously talk on-net by paying only 0.07 AZN for each hour of call with no subscription fee.

From now on, the subscribers do not have to limit themselves with 1 hour conversation but enjoy have unlimited phone calls the entire day and even entire month.

With new “Daily Ela” tariff they will talk unlimited on-net the whole day for only 0.70 AZN per day. Moreover, the customers will receive 50 countrywide SMS each day as a bonus.

And with “Monthly Ela” tariff, which will be of particular interest to heavy talkers, the customers will enjoy unlimited on-net calls the whole month for only 17 AZN per month. In addition to that, “Monthly Ela” offers generous monthly bonuses of 500 countrywide SMS and 500 Mb of Internet.

To benefit from the new tariffs just dial *307#YES to join “Hourly Ela”, *370#YES to join “Daily Ela” or *317#YES to join “Monthly Ela”. Note that fair usage policy applies to “Daily Ela” and “Monthly Ela” tariffs.

By introducing new unlimited CIN tariffs, Bakcell offers the customers a convenient opportunity to enjoy the freedom of having unlimited conversations with their friends, family members and close ones, without counting minutes or worrying about any per minute charges. 

Being the known leader in innovation, Bakcell will continue bringing renewed, convenient and exciting tariffs, products and services to the modern users of mobile communication.

Visit www.bakcell.comfor more detailed information about the new hourly, daily and monthly “Ela” tariffs, and other advantageous and innovative offers of Bakcell.

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