Cigarettes Caster Winston and Caster Sobranie disappeared from store shelves


July 4, Fineko/ Recently, it has been noted that branded cigarettes are mostly not found in large shopping malls and large markets. The same cigarettes are sold at kiosks at higher prices.

ABC.AZ reports that experts attribute this to the lack of regulation of cigarette prices.

They claim that for this reason, artificial price increases cannot be avoided:

"Cigarette prices are not regulated. In addition, the price of cigarettes increases with excise taxes. There is no market mechanism to prevent such cases. Recently, there have been problems with finding cigarettes, mainly branded cigarettes, such as Caster Winston, Caster Sobranie. Perhaps this is also connected with the Russian-Ukrainian war. Probably, these cigarettes are transported through Ukraine, so this also leads to an increase in prices and a shortage of cigarettes," experts say.