Forecast: Users to begin to abandon smartphones from 2030


June 21, Fineko/ Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark expects that 6G mobile networks will be launched by the end of the decade, and does not believe that the smartphone will remain the most popular interface.

ABC.AZ reports that Nokia’s head claims that from 2030, users will begin to abandon their phones in favor of other devices.

"By that time, the smartphone as we know it today will definitely cease to be the most common interface... Many of these devices will be embedded directly into our bodies," he said.

Pekka Lundmark is sure that gradually humanity will begin to switch to smart glasses and other gadgets that people will wear on their face. In addition, he believes that by 2030 there will be a "digital twin technology" that is close to the metaverse. However, this will require "huge computing resources".