MP: There are persons in Azerbaijan who informally interfere in work of entrepreneurs


June 22, Fineko/ "Although inflation in Azerbaijan is officially set at 12.5 percent, the rapid rise in prices on the market shows that these figures will not be announced, there will be serious changes."

ABC.AZ reports MP Fazil Mustafa stated about this during his speech in parliament.

He also drew attention to the problems in the field of entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan: "The budget recommends that 163 million manats be allocated to support activities related to the development of entrepreneurship, and 1 million manats in the region. In my opinion, there is no need to allocate any funds for the development of entrepreneurship. You just need to remove the obstacles. Inspections in this direction have been suspended, but there are quite a lot of elements in Azerbaijan that informally hinder the activities of entrepreneurs. And at the head of this is the monopoly."