Interesting facts about honey


June 14, Fineko/abc.az. In order to produce 100 g of honey, bees must overcome no more, no less, exactly 46 000 km. For comparison, it should be noted that this distance even exceeds the length of the equator. 

The nectar collected to produce honey plays for the bee a kind of fuel that it consumes on its way back. So, when returning from a long distance the bee can bring only 30% of the collected nectar, and spend the remaining 70% on its own needs.

Word "honey" is of Jewish origin. It literally means "magical" or "enchanted".

Honey is rich in fructose. Fructose has the ability to remove alcohol from the body. If you took a large amount of alcoholic beverages at night and woke up in the morning with a headache, honey tea will help you.

Heat reduces the quality of honey. And at temperatures above 50 degrees all the useful properties of honey are lost.

The history of the "honeymoon" has existed since ancient times. In ancient times, the newlyweds had to eat honey and drink honey drinks for one month.

In 1985, Peruvian customs officers detained a large batch of honey delivered from Ecuador. The reason for this was the presence of cocaine in honey. Later it became clear that the drug was not added to the honey mechanically. It turned out that to get honey with dangerous composition, the bees were released on the Coca plantations.

The most expensive honey in the world called ‘Elf’ is produced in Turkey: the price of 1 kg of this honey is 5 000 euro. This honey is produced in the valley of Saricay located near Artvin. The sale of the first batch of this honey was sold in 2009, when 1 kg of the product was sold in France for 45 000 euro. A year later, the Chinese bought it at a price of 28 000 euro a kg.

Honey is also a strong and expensive conserving agent that is known to people since ancient times. So, when Alexander the Great died during the Indian campaign, his body was placed in honey.  Thus, the body did not undergo any changes, and he was safely taken to Macedonia.

Curiously, unlike all other foods, honey does not mold. Even mold mushrooms specially placed in honey soon die there.

Fake honey is often on sale. There is an ancient and easy way to distinguish real honey from fake. Dip the match in honey and set it on fire. If the honey is natural, it will light up, and if not – it will flow.

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