Expert demands cancellation of power of attorney - PROPOSAL


October 14, Fineko/abc.az. Power of attorney for cars in Azerbaijan will be issued by phone.

This innovation will be available on smartphones. Thus, by installing a mobile application, smartphone owners will be able to issue a power of attorney without referring to a notary. Although the innovation was regarded positively, experts do not recognize the presence of a power of attorney at all.

In an interview for news portal ABC.AZ expert Khayal Mammadhanli brought the example of the countries of the world, noting that there is no power of attorney in most countries.

The expert, who did not agree with the mandatory presence of a power of attorney, also explained the reason for its application in Azerbaijan.

“In countries not applying a power of attorney it is thought that if there are no complaints in connection with the theft of a controlled car, then the driving person drives the car with the permission of the car owner.

It is enough to have a technical passport, insurance and driver's license for the car. I think we should do the same. However, there are several reasons why we still have a power of attorney. One of them is the question of who to impose fines on. In many cases, the car receives a fine, and you need a power of attorney to find out who drives the car. I think it is also not of fundamental importance. If a person trusts someone with his car, a fine may be imposed on the owner of the car, in case the identity of the driver cannot be established.

And the owner within a certain time can provide information about who drove the car at the moment. If the information is not provided, then, of course, he will have to pay a fine. Another problem that prevents us from solving such problems is that people do not live at the place of registration.

That creates problems in many areas. However, much has been done in this direction. Even the new generation IDs include information about both the place of registration of the person and the place of his actual residence. As a result, I believe powers of attorney are not needed at all and that several innovative steps need to be taken to eliminate them. In the created website or mobile application, a person enters his data and information about his vehicle, which is checked by the relevant government authorities. After this verification, it is possible not only the issue of a power of attorney, but also their buying and selling," he emphasized.

By Elmir Murad