Paid services in Baku decreased by 22.3% for Jan-Jun


August 12, Fineko/abc.az. Over Jan-Jun 2020 the cost of paid services to the population of the Azerbaijani capital decreased by 22.3% (compared with the same period of 2019) to AZN 1.949 bn.

The Baku City Statistics Department reports that legal entities rendered services to the population for AZN 1.273 bn (65.3% of the total cost of services).

The cost of paid services rendered to the population in the non-governmental sector decreased by 20.7% (versus the relevant period of the previous year) to AZN 1.567 bn. For Jan-Jun 2020 each resident of the city on average used various paid services by 130 manats or 36.9 manats less in nominal terms against the 2019 same term.