President Ilham Aliyev: 5,000 Russian military men are at base in Gyumri


October 27, Fineko/abc.az. President Ilham Aliyev gave an interview to Italian TV channel Rai-1.

President Ilham Aliyev said that today, without external assistance, Armenia would not have lasted a day in the occupied territories. There is political support, military support, and moral support, and this comes from countries that must observe neutrality.

"Therefore, we strongly reject these insinuations. This is unnecessary. We have 100,000 soldiers of the regular army. If necessary, we’ll announce general mobilization, which, by the way, we have not announced, unlike Armenia. So it's all lies and slander. As for the participation of Turkish troops in operations, this is also a lie. There is no evidence. The fact that Turkish F-16s are on the territory of Azerbaijan was the result of our joint military exercises on the eve of the conflict. We don't say how many Russian MiG-29s and Su-30s are on the territory of Armenia.

We are not talking about the fact that 5,000 Russian military men are stationed at the Gyumri base in Armenia, and, according to our data, supplies to the Armenian armed forces periodically come from there, and these are facts, in contrast to what is said about us. Therefore, I suggest that those who want to accuse us, first deal with themselves, and then make such hasty conclusions based on false information," President Aliyev underlined.